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Experience an international strategy war game for free! Play for your country in a unique combination of community, strategy and war. 

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Control and command your Armies, work with allies to create Squads and engage in conflicts and diplomacy with other players and Squads. Conquer Capitals and get points for the Leaderboard, where at the end of each Season, which lasts around 3 months, the winners receive in-game rewards for the next Season. Players from around the world take the role of commanders by building their army, forging alliances, fighting epic battles and conquering enemy countries in a competitive international championship.

Key Features

  • PLAY FOR YOUR COUNTRY with national players.
  • CONQUER CAPITALS against real players around the world.
  • INTENSE CAPITAL BATTLES 2 times per week.
  • MODERN WARFARE UNITS and customised unit skins.
  • AWARDS AND LEADERBOARDS to compete with others.
  • 50 CAMPAIGN missions.

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Love this game 😀 Been playing for almost a year now! A good old strategy game, played in a real world map where you fight against real players from all around the world!

Join your friends, create your own squad and fight for your country!!

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What a great game! Go and check it out.

Thank you for enjoying our game pls invite your friends to :D